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        Hello and welcome to the website of the Needham Exchange Club.  We are a dynamic, volunteer service organization which, for over 65 years, has worked to make the lives of the citizens of Needham better by instilling pride in the achievements of our community and its children, providing support to its institutions and traditions and making it a cleaner, safer and more desirable place to live.

        I invite you to visit the rest of our website and learn more about the projects we take on in support of our mission.  We are proud of our achievements, which include organizing and executing Needham’s Fourth of July celebration, rewarding our youth for their service both within and outside our immediate community and recognizing our citizens for their patriotism and devotion to Needham.  You will find a complete list of our activities and committees as you browse through other pages in our website.

        As a volunteer organization, we always welcome others who, like us, want to serve the interests of Needham, and invite you to consider joining us.  If you go to our “Apply for Membership” page, you will find instructions for contacting our Membership Committee.  They will provide additional information about what club membership entails and answer all your questions.  Thereafter, arrangements for meeting some club members will be made and the application process will begin.


With warm regards,


Cindy Chaston

Nationally known sports commentator and radio host speaks at Needham Exchange Club

Bill Littlefield, nationally known author, veteran sports commentator and host of NPR's "Only A Game", produced by WBUR in Boston was the guest speaker at the Exchange Clubs recent meeting.
Bill covered a wide range of sports topics and provided great humor and was well received.

2013 Community Service Awards presented

The Needham Exchange Club's 2013 Community Service Awards were presented at the May 2nd Club meeting.

The Community Service Awards were created in 2010 to recognize Needham High School freshmen, sophomores or juniors who have demonstrated a commitment to community service through clubs or organizations that serve our community.

This year's award winners were:

  • Olivia Korostoff-Larsson & Emily Touchet - Needham High School HOPE Club
  • Tommy Kelley - Youth Diabetes education
  • Jacqueline Arrondo - Newton Candlelight Vigil, Needham High School SALSA Club
  • Alli Rubin - The Metrowest Foundation's Program in Youth Philanthropy

Read more about the students and their work.